Identify Three Types of Aircraft Cargo Used For Shipping

If you know, there is a special aircraft to deliver goods that have various types of cargo in it. If there are errors or damage there, then usually they will use the services of Rescue hoist to be handled properly.

There, there are also some types of cargo that can be used. Some types of cargo are

1. General cargo
This type of cargo is cargo or goods that generally have properties that are not harmful, not easily damaged or goods that do not require any special handling. So that various goods can be dispatched immediately and quickly.

2. Special cargo
This type of cargo is for various goods that require special handling in the reception, delivery or transportation. Categorized in this cargo are live animal, human remain, valuable goods, and many more.

3. Dangerous goods
This is a cargo for a variety of dangerous goods which can result in disruption of aviation health and safety.