Avoid These Three Mistakes For Your Marriage Walk Perfect

Creating a wedding does take a lot of effort and a lot of time should be prepared for it. Many people are confused to prepare for their marriage and end up making a lot of mistakes for the wedding, especially about setting the venue. For that, you may need the help of Le Petit Chateau Wedding Venue to determine the right venue for your wedding. You who do not have much time to prepare the venue you have chosen can also be the work of Le Petit Chateau Wedding Venue.

Some couples make mistakes in preparation for their marriage. This is because they choose to prepare the preparations alone without anyone’s help.

This is the wrong thing because you can not possibly prepare everything by yourself. In addition to this, there are some mistakes that are often made by many people who will prepare for their marriage. Some of these things are

1. Not Determining the Concept of Marriage
The concept of a marriage should be readily prepared and determined because this is the main thing of your entire wedding party. If the theme of the wedding is not well prepared, then your wedding decoration will be very bad. This is because you do not have a fixed theme that can be used as a reference to decorating the venue you have set.

2. Not Creating a Guest List
Many couples choose to book first place rather than register how many guests they will invite. This is a very bad mistake ever done. They should make a list of guests first before choosing a venue. This is to avoid if the place is not enough to accommodate all invited guests.

3. Hurry Get the Wedding Gown
Wedding dresses are important for women. Unfortunately, many of those who rush to decide which wedding dress they will use for their wedding. Because the time they have is too short, then they are in a hurry to determine their wedding dress. In fact, the wedding dress should also be in accordance with the theme of the wedding and venue that they have chosen.

Planting and taking care a palm tree

Palm does not require strange growing requirements. Prefers to be grown on sandy soil, but does not like waterlogging. Can be planted on low land and high land. In addition to being planted on the sidewalk or in the yard, palms can also be planted in pots. How to? This time we will share tips on this one tree with you. In addition, you can also check out palm tree removal services in the Sunshine Coast, if you want professional help to remove or remove the palm trees from your yard.

– In the pot

Some types of palms, such as red palms, bottle palms, were palms, cauliflower, are planted in pots. How to? Provide pots of clay or used drums. The bottom of the pot is given a red brick fraction, and above it is given a mixture of rice husk, coconut husk, and sand (1: 2: 1). Palm seedlings planted into pots. Do watering. Do not forget to give fertilizer as much as 1 teaspoon every 1 – 2 months.

– Directly on the ground

What about the palms that are planted directly on the roadside, such as the king’s palm or the princess palm? The trick, create a planting hole measuring 30 x 30 x 30 cm and leave for about a week. After that, enter the seeds into the hole, and heap to the base of the stem. Compact the soil around the stem.

If the palm height reaches 3 meters more, the fertilizer with 3 kg of fertilizer per plant. If the height is less than 3 meters, give 1 kg of fertilizer per plant. Fertilization 3 times a year. Way, the fertilizer is immersed in the ground spaced 10-15 cm from the stem.

Take care of Palm

To make the palm look even more tempting, do the following treatments:


Do as needed. Avoid not to cause puddles.


Do it once a month during the rainy season. In the dry season, palm growth is inactive due to a period of rest. Therefore, no need to fertilize. Give 0.5 – 1 kg of fertilizer per plant if plant height is less than 2 meters; or 1 – 2 kg of fertilizer per plant if the height reaches 3 meters more.

Recycle back

If the palm root in the pot already forms the ball and fills the entire volume of the pot, re-do it again. The good is in the rainy season.


The most common is pest grasshopper. Symptoms, appearing irregular bites on the edge of the leaves, even a bite of locusts can be sustainable until the only remaining bone leaves. To fix this, remove the locusts from the plant, can also be sprayed with 2 ccs/liter pesticide 90 SC.


Which often is a disease of patches of leaves. The cause of Fusarium sp. or exosporium sp. Symptoms, on the leaves there are yellow or green spots. Over time, these spots leave bright, gray, and brown bright marks. To fix this, cut the affected leaf. But if the attack is great, spray with Difolatan 4F or Dithane M45.