The reason the air conditioner should be cleaned even though it is still cold

The use of air conditioner in a period of time that often and long make you must also be able to clean and maintain it properly and regularly. This is because you need the tool. if there is damage, then the services of aircon singapore will help you very much.

Many people assume that if the air conditioner is still cold, it does not need to be cleaned. In fact, there are several reasons why the tool should still be cleaned.

– Because the working principle of air conditioning air circulating
The first reason why air conditioner should be cleaned although still cold because the way the thing is circulating the room. Then the dirty dust will stick to the filter and also the evaporator. If it is allowed, it will affect the performance of the air conditioner in conditioning the room to cool.

– To prevent premature deterioration, so this thing can be more durable
You have to make your air conditioner more durable with the cleaning and service this thing once in a month.