There Are Many Functions Of Airplane Mode On Your Mobile Phone, Get to Know Here

Your phone certainly has a variety of features that you can use as a profitable feature. One of the most widely used features is airplane mode. With these features, there are various advantages that you can get. If you plan to buy phone, then you should be able to choose the right phone and according to your needs.

The airplane mode feature on the mobile phone is practiced when passengers want to board the plane, but this mode is not limited to it. There are many other functions that are useful for mobile users of the feature. some of these functions are

1. Strengthen the signal
This method can make a strong signal on your phone back strong. By enabling airplane mode, automatically all the existing network on the phone will find a new network. It is the same as you do your phone restart.

2. Avoiding distractions
When you do not want to be disturbed by the outside world, then you can activate the mode. that way, then your phone does not get network and no notification goes into your phone.

3. Save battery
If your cell phone battery is running low, and you do not have a charger when you are on a journey to meet important people, then you can activate the mode. this way you can deepen your battery power because the running background prose and use the network on your phone will stop and do not use your phone until you really need it.

4. Accelerate the performance of mobile phones
If your phone is slow, then you can activate this mode to make it not slow anymore. Please note that one of the causes of the phone becomes slow is many incoming and outgoing network traffic. So when you turn on this mode all then the network will die and the phone is not slow anymore.