Notice Some Signs That Show That Your Car Battery Needs to be Replaced

Your car will not be able to work properly if the battery in it you do not notice. Because the battery that drains a lot of electricity on most components in the car. Aki serves as a maintainer and jump starter is needed for the car can run well and without a strike though.

However, the old battery used also requires a change if there are already some parts of it that have been damaged. There are some signs that the battery you use on your car has been damaged and needs to be replaced. Some of these signs are

1. The first thing you can detect immediately is a car starter. If you let some car you can not turn on, then it is certain that the existing battery in it should be replaced. Maybe you will soon be charging the battery or pushing your car. However, after all, that is done, the car back to the problem as before, it is very certain that the batteries in it need to be replaced because the lifespan has run out.

2. Battery life is a consideration important enough to see the condition of the battery. Usually, indeed every workshop that sells new batteries always write the date when purchased so that we can check how old the battery easily. battery life is usually about 2 years, but it will usually depend on your usage.

3. Water on the battery looks cloudy. This can happen because of the long battery usage. dirt that is on the battery water will accumulate over several making the battery water has a dark and turbid color. So, the water in the battery should always be changed to keep it clean and work well.

4. Battery voltage less than 10 volts. When the charger has been done and test on the battery using a tester but the voltage is only up to 10 volts, then the battery is damaged and need to be replaced immediately.