What’s a sailboat?

A sailing boat is a boat that uses the screen and utilizes wind power to push the boat moving. Sailboats usually consist of 3 poles to serve as interconnected screens and sailboats also require experienced pilots. In the meantime, if you really want to know more about sailing, we’d like you to check out the recommended and trusted Tidal Sailing Course for beginners.

Any season, the wind blows anywhere, the sailing boats can still sail to the destination. Though clearly, the sailing boat is the driving force is the wind. How can?

Yes, of course, it can, because that makes the boat move not the direction of the wind, but the arrangement of screens that make the boat move according to purpose. The screen is arranged in certain shapes and formations to capture the wind from any direction. So it becomes the driving force of the boat to move forward. Without the wind power, it’s impossible to move the boat by using the sail. Therefore, the sailboats are usually equipped with paddles or even engine so they can be moved even when the wind power isn’t available for a while.