Tools you need for getting the internet in rural places

Rural internet procurement can be proposed for processing by the sub-district office or directly to the local government center. The actual device needed is not so much, but for the processing of network devices is certainly not easy. In the meantime, if you’re also looking to acquire an internet provider’s service in the secluded areas, we recommend you to check our excellent services for internet rural.

Rural Internet Tool, the tools required for it, such as:

2 Fruit mini tower with height between 20-40 meters (depending on region topology).

2 Fruit antenna + radio access point to connect internet wirelessly (without cable).

2 Mini server (routerboard) for better bandwidth management and security system settings.

Electric system backup traps (ups).

The source of a stable Internet connection, with affordable operational costs by funding from village funds managed by the local government.

Other supporting devices required for internet access various devices, such as laptops, hp, and others.